Tuesday, October 2


...or is Blackwater CEO Erik Prince kinda cute? I mean, the only blackwater I can imagine is the blackwater flowing through his evil veins, where normal humans have blood... and he's an uber-conservative, Christian, right-wing evil CEO.

But he's also an ex-Navy Seal, which means that he's in good shape. And although I'm not a fan of his $8 Supercuts hairdo (or the behavior of his company), there's something naught/cute about him.

I still think he, and his employees should rot in hell. And I think it is an act of unspeakable unpatriotic injustice that we're spending thousands of dollars on Blackwater employees (who operate without sufficient oversight), while numerous military families here in the US have to live on food stamps just to make ends meet.

So I guess he's not that cute, after all.

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