Monday, April 28


Here are some real SPAM email from my Yahoo! account:

Can I take Viagra if I suffer from diabetes? Yes, you can.
Uh, did you need me for this conversation?

Classsy Naked Chick With Huge T!ts
Classy and naked are two words I don't usually associate with each other... and if I did, I would at least spell them correctly.

Ever wanted to ejaculate 5 times more?
Good lord, no.

FW : my Pen1s is bigger than rekgcfdh
First of all, I never read forwards. Secondly, I would be more concerned if I knew what rekgcfdh was, and whether youre Pen1s should be bigger or smaller than one.

How BIG can I get?
Depends on how much fast food you eat, versus how much exercise you get.

Juan we have great plans for Memorial Day on the 28th
That's nice, but Memorial Day is on the 26th this year.

Redhead tranny shows her c*ck
Eww... a ginger?

Vegetarians not welcome. Choke a bitch with my big black c*ck.
Why no vegetarians? Don't they deserve access to porn too? And do you get to choose the bitch choked with your big black c*ck, or do I get to choose?

Two best of friend babes sharing a hard d!ck
Well... at least they're sharing!

I can have sex all night long, from Ronda Scruggs
Well, good for you and Ronda!

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