Sunday, April 20


I love Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch. I don't know what it is that makes this show so compelling, but it rocks. (I have to admit a sort of sick sort of fascination with the episodes with a man overboard. Not the ones where people die, but the ones where the guy falls over and gets rescued.) As a number of major TV shows return from the writers strike, I find I'm less and less enchanted with big network television, and more and more interested in what would be considered niche programming, like Deadliest Catch. This is not to be confused with America's Deadliest Season; another version of the same sort of show.

There's something to be said for Mike Rowe's narration of Catch (I've got a dirty job for you, Mike... hee hee hee), and Catch just has that edge. I have no idea what the relationship of these two, similarly themed shows is... they seem identical in many ways, and a simple Google search of both terms turns up the same set of results. And that horrible Wikipedia (democratic, open, free, my ass!) doesn't shed much light on the subject either.

The one thought running through my head, every time I watch Deadliest Catch: Do we, as a society, really eat that much crab? I guess so.

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