Tuesday, April 8


Some lists are just, well... mean. A while back, Maxim magazine listed The Five Ugliest Women on its web site. Usually, men's magazines put together lists like, "The 40 Hottest Women Under 40," or the like. But in this instance, Maxim (which has always been a little iffy, in my book) went over the line of good taste...

Which is what makes it so sinfully, delicious, I think. When I worked at Men and Freshmen we were always putting together lists. Not like the lists at our sister magazine, Unzipped, or our parent' company's "flagship" magazines, Out or the Advocate... no, our lists were geared at our readers. Lists included things like, "Seven New Year's Resolutions We've Already Broken," and "Courses We Wish They Offered In College," - which included 'How To Top (Or Just Act Like One)' - none of these lists I wrote and edited were anywhere near what I would call good taste... so, in that spirit, here are Maxim magazine's Five Ugliest Women:

Sarah Jessica Parker
I'm not a huge fan of Sex & The City - Carrie is too whiny, and too much of a self-destructive victim for my tastes, I have to admit to watching a bunch of episodes on TBS. And while I think SJP isn't ugly, I've pretty much never seen her in an outfit I liked, so she's earned a spot on this list, if you ask me.

Amy Winehouse
I love me some Amy Wino... but she is pretty toe-up. 'Nuff said.

Sandra Oh
I first saw Miss Oh when she made a cameo on Popular (I own both season box sets, bitches), and I loved her as a lesbian in that Tuscan movie... but since ascending to the heights of Hollywood, she gave into the anorexic look most actresses on that show have. She makes the list just for being on that lame show, as far as I'm concerned.

This one is debatable. She's never been a looker, but managed to really work with what she's got. (See previous post about here image here.) But as she ages, she's looking rougher and rougher. I understand why the unimaginative, immature editors at Maxim would be afraid of an older, powerful woman like her, so we'll give them this one.

Britney Spears
I know there have been tons of stories about her mental health, but there's only one reason why a cute, all-American girl turns into a bag lady... drugs. Which would explain the way she's been looking for the past few years.

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Donnie v2.0 said...

Well all I can say is they hit the nail on the head with Amy Winehouse. She's unfortunate looking to say the least.