Wednesday, April 23


Everyone said she was done-for, but (once again) she proved them wrong: Hillary trounced Obama in Penn. by a comfortable margin. When Obama beat Hillary, in previous contests, by this same exact margin, the pundits declared the race to be over; they said Hillary was done for, after such a sound defeat.

But turn on the TV today, open a newspaper or go on the web, and the majority of news sources are playing down Hillary's clear victory, and saying she should drop out, or how she still can't win. Obama apologists on TV are saying this is not a mandate; that this loss is no big deal, that "overall" he's still ahead. Pro-Obama bloggers tout his ability to "transcend" race when he speaks about race, but when she talks about race, she's "racist." What's with the double standard, America?

The only balanced coverage so far was MSNBC (quoting a newspaper article), saying, "Hillary won't lose, and Obama can't win... why can't he close the deal?" Other than that, Hillary's win is greeted with gloom and doom stories about her campaign.

I know better than to listen to pundits, or take what I read in the paper too seriously. I mean, they've got me all wrong: I'm a Latino male, under 40, with a college degree (working towards a second, thank you very much), and I support Hillary. According to the polls, I don't exist. All the others in my group are "die-hard" Obama fans...

But hey, it ain't over 'till it's over.

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