Monday, April 7


I'll admit I've enjoyed Make Me A Supermodel, on Bravo, from time to time. I found the format fresh, and the weekly voting sessions a nice change from other reality shows. Instead of recording all the episodes at once, and airing them months later, this show held its vote on Thursday, kicked someone off on Friday, and started filming the next week's episode that same day. (American Idol does something similar, recording "live" episodes, but the format of the show - performances recorded all at once - lends itself to this weekly, live(ish) format. Model, on the other hand required several days of filming and editing before an episode was ready to air.)

I thought Bravo was finally on to something: reality programming, in near-real time. Wow, I thought, Bravo really stepped it up a notch with this show.

Boy, was I wrong.

It turns out, a show with the same exact name and format already ran in the U.K. In fact, once the American version concluded, Bravo ran a marathon of the British version. So much for original. Much like its parent network's new fall schedule (NBC, which is running not one, but four "adaptations" of previously produced shows), Bravo is suffering from a complete lack of originality.

Bravo: watch what happens, if you haven't seen the original version of the program they are ripping off.

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