Wednesday, April 23


There is a sign outside my local Trader Joe's. It says, "Stop! Did you remember your Trader Joe's shopping bags?" It is another one of those goofy, hand-painted signs Trader Joe's seems to slap up everywhere. But this one is supposed to be a reminder saving Mother Earth. The problem is, what the sign implies isn't very eco-friendly. I never remember my Trader Joe's bag. (I have no idea where it is. I think I gave mine to my dad.) But if I did know where it was, the sign almost implores me to turn around, drive home (wasting gas and releasing more carbon and pollution) and get my bags.

Trader Joe's has a great public image. I personally can't stand the place, or most of the morons who shop there. But they have some wicked awesome Indian sauces and easy-prep ethnic foods. The crowds are always a little hippy-dippy, meats yuppie wannabes, and they have no sense of personal space. I actually became stuck, during my last visit, because someone abandoned their shopping cart in the middle of the isle, and two other customers planted their carts on either side of that cart... and then the stock boy started stocking the other end of the aisle, leaving huge boxes blocking the way out.

So, no, Joe... I didn't remember my bag. But your customers obviously forgot their heads, and anything resembling common sense or respect for those shopping around them.

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