Thursday, August 14


The second season of Top Design (the interior design contest program) is almost upon us, and Bravo is ramping up the marketing campaign with their usual diarrhea-style explosion of hyperbole: "From the producers who changed the runway and the kitchen... forever," and the like.

And as much as I love Project Runway, if I were Bravo, I wouldn't be bragging about the impact of a show I just lost in a bidding war with another network. (And the rival network is Lifetime, for crying out loud!) But I guess when your other new programs are Date My Ex and Tabatha's Salon Take Over, it's best to focus on the positive. And to be honest, Top Design is just so-so, as far as programming goes.

But what really annoys me when I see those Top Design commercials is the way Bravo just drops the new host in our laps. They toss out India Hicks' name at the end of the promo like I'm supposed to know who she is, without any other type of introduction. They did the same thing with Susie Essman, back when she hosted the short-lived Better Half, and I have to say, in addition to not knowing who Essman was, I was underwhelmed with her. I'm guessing her appeal is limited to Manhattan.
I have to say I consider myself pretty "with it" when it comes to pop culture and celebrities in general, but I had to check out India Hicks' Wiki-page (here) to get the skinny on the new host. It turns out she was a model back in the 80s. As for her design qualifications? Her father was a designer in the 1960s. (Last season's host, designer Todd Oldham, and he's back in a reduced capacity.) But for some unknown reason, Bravo felt the need to add India to the line-up.

And I'm sure the world will never be the same again...

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