Monday, August 25


I don't have time for full-out music posts anymore (school started today), so instead of monthly posts, I'll just blog about any songs stuck in my head, or rockin' my 'pod.

The Magic [Single Version] Robin Thicke - I must admit, I'm not a big fan of the new Robin Thicke. I prefer his first sound (but not look), back when he was schilling Sprite, or whatever. But I do find myself walking around, doing the dance from the video, hearing the music in my head and singing the chorus over and over. Having said that, this is an incredibly repetitive song and not all that imaginative (basic disco/house groove). But it is a rocking, basic groove.

I'm Yours [Album Version] Jason Mraz - Jason Mraz is one of those artists I hear from time to time, and I like his music when I hear it, but never remember to browse his stuff in iTunes or Amazon. So, since he has a new album out, I thought I'd add him to my August music To-Do list. And I love the name of his new album.

Criminal [Single Version] Justin Nozuka - Justin Nozuka (aside from being a cutie) was the VH1 Artist of The Month a while back, is a great end-of-summer album. I chose Criminal because if you have an account, you can download this track for free.

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