Saturday, August 9


Don't get me wrong: like most little boys in the 1970s, Star Wars changed my life (or at least the toys I played with). But Episodes I - III blew royal monkey chunks, so George Lucas and Co. should have just called it quits there. They have plenty of other things to worry about: special FX, and other nerd-tech stuff. I mean, there's no need to drag around your one, sorry success. (This is a man who could have created anything he wanted in the cinematic world, and he gave us Jar-Jar Binks?)

But no, they had to come out with another crappy (now, animated) film. And a whole line of Legos. Oh, and Lunchables. Yes, there are now Clone War Lunchables.

And the wholesale dismantling and selling of my childhood memories continues. I mean, how much better were the stories you dreamed up in your bedroom, with your action figures? Why fill in all the blanks? Why not let childhood imagination do some of the work?

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