Saturday, August 30


The first time I heard Chris Brown's Forever, I had two thoughts: 1) Nice over-use of the vocoder, and 2) did he just sing, "double your pleasure, double your fun"? And the answer, to the second question is, yes... he just used the Doublemint Gum theme as lyrics for his song. I'll ignore how over-used vocoders are right now on the R&B scene, and simply focus on the totally unoriginal, sell-out lyrics of this song. I know that is common place for musicians to shill for big corporations these days: Madonna had that SunSilk commercial, and (even though I don't consider them actual musicians), The Pussycat Dolls have a new campaign for Bally's Fitness. But those campaigns were designed after the songs came out, not the other way around.

And just this week, I saw a commercial for (wait for it)... Chris Brown singing Forever in a Doublemint Gum commercial.

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