Tuesday, August 26


OK, I admit it: I fell for Jack In the Box's latest marketing ploy. I tried Jack's new Breakfast Bowl this weekend. The picture above is what Jack In the Box says the bowls look like, the picture below is what it actually looks like. But even with this deception (and the doubtless overkill of calories, fat and sodium), the Hearty Breakfast bowl was pretty darn good. I can't say that I'll be ordering it again anytime soon, as I'd like to avoid a heart attack, but I can recommend this item as a great meal for the morning after a wild night, or as a meal if you're trying to build muscle mass, and don't really care about definition.
Oh, and my sister (blog here) recommends Jack's new mango smoothie.


Donnie v2.0 said...

I tried the breakfast bowl about a week ago and didn't like it. The mango smoothie on the other hand, dee-lish.

Sly said...

Hearty Breakfast Bowl was 779 calories!

Less than a Blooming Onion at the Outback!