Thursday, August 21


During one of my rants about how ugly I think Michael Phelch is, someone asked me who I thought was a good looking Olympian. And I found one (pity, I had to look so hard).

Alex Despatie, from Canda, was one of the only non-Chinese person to medal in diving. So there. Here are some pictures of Alex:

And although I couldn't get any names (or images), the Field Hockey Team from the Netherlands had some hotties on it.

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Nick said...

Not only ugly, but after hearing him speak, I think Phelps is also slightly retarded.

BTW...Australia, Russia, Germany, Ukraine and Mexico also won medals in diving in Beijing, most notable being openly gay Matthew Mitcham of Australia who secured gold whilst attaining the the highest single-dive score in Olympic history (4 perfect 10 scores)