Friday, August 22


As the 29th Olympic Games draw to a close, many moments stand out as memorable. From the Chinese girl deemed, "not attractive enough" to sing at the opening ceremonies (a cuter girl was sent out on stage to lip sync), the underage Chinese girls competing in gymnastics, or the dominant ethnic tribe promising to share the spotlight, and then... not doing so, the games offered many shining moments of great humanity.

But one such moment, not perpetrated by the host nation (and not regarding Michael Felch), came from Spain's Basketball team. While posing for team photos, they all grabbed their eyes and pulled the skin to create the look of Asian eyes. The photo caused quite an international stir, and various different responses, from outrage to dismissal. I for one, was proud to see some nation, other than the United States, offending international sensibilities for once.

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joe*to*hell said...

i freaking loved it