Wednesday, August 13


Last week, I stumbled on to an NPR/Youth Radio feature, What's The New What? It's a short, to the point radio segment about cultural phenomenon, from a younger point of view. The whole show is based on the idea that new cultural trends are always emerging, and always replacing the trend or icon preceding them. The topics vary widely, and the quality of the segment depends largely on the topic and the Youth Radio presenter. But even the worst ones were interesting, which is saying a great deal.

Previous topics include:
Psychics Are the New Psychologists (I've known this for a while)
Gas Prices Are the New Curfew (not the most well-thought out, but a clever starting point)
Sex Without Condoms Is the New Engagement Ring (oh, silly straight people!)
Stun Guns Are the New Pepper Spray (well organized, if a little random)
America's Best Dance Crew Is the New American Idol (well, duh!)

You can visit the WTNW? Site here or here.

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