Monday, August 25


MSNBC's coverage of the lead-up to the Democratic National Convention had a number of talking heads on this morning. One yahoo (didn't catch his name), said the, only people holding out on voting for Obama in the Democratic Party at this point were, "uneducated, lower-class, white voters," who, "didn't like Obama in the first place."

Well, I know for a fact, they're wrong on all three counts. I'm educated, middle class(ish), and non-white (unless you count my summer sock tanline, but even then, that's more of a light-tanish color).

To make matters worse, I know a few Obama supporters who have now begun to doubt their initial decision to support him. In the last couple of years that I've been tuning into MSNBC for my mid-morning/lunch time news, I haven't known them to get things wrong, and never this wrong.

But I still love me some Keith Oberman, so I'll give 'em another chance.

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