Saturday, November 3


I had the rare opportunity to discuss pop culture, and movies, in particular, with my father the other day. I say, "rare," because he usually doesn't discuss such things.

Being a professor of Poli Sci (Ph.D.), he usually opines and waxes on topics of current events, politics and social justice. As much as I enjoy these other topics, very few things entertain me like watching my dad try to make sense of the utter crap that passes for culture these days.

When the topic rolled around to Jennifer Lopez's career as a movie star/producer, my dad had a little trouble recalling the name, and plots of the last few J.Lo cinematic disasters. (And who can blame him? She's the source of more movie garbage that any single other person.)

His two random grabs at movie titles for La Lopez? Hump It Like Beckham and Fast Times At Puerto Rico High.

The saddest part? I would actually pay to see those two movies, if they were real.

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