Saturday, November 17


If you own an Apple computer, then you know how easy they make it to keep your security and software up to date. A simple one-click process allows you to assure you're using the most recent, safest software.

It isn't uncommon for Apple to release updates: security, iTunes, Quicktime and other Apple packets are available for download regularly. (Around the release of a new iPod, or the newer iPhones, new versions of iTunes are a weekly event.) So you think, as a life-long Apple customer, I wouldn't have any complaints.

But I do.

In the most recent update, which was labeled as an OS (operating system) update, there was a Trojan horse of sorts. Now, don't get me wrong... there wasn't a virus, but rather a software update (they call it an upgrade but we'll see about that). I call it a Trojan horse because it was buried in the OS download: you have to go to Apple's site, click on "downloads" and search for the exact download title - it shouldn't be this hard to find out what I'm downloading to my computer.

And without asking me if I wanted to migrate from Safari 2 to Version 3, they loaded the newer application for me. Now don't get me wrong... I like Safari. I wish more sites supported it, especially Blogger (bastards). But when Version 3 was released (as a Beta release), I researched the differences, and decided I didn't want to upgrade.

I'm guessing the Beta release of Safari 3 was a dud (based on media reaction, and other Mac users I know), so Apple hoisted - no make that, forced - the release on its faithful users. I'm sure I'll get used to the new bells and whistles at some point. I'm just dispointed with Apple - the Mac platform has always been about personal, unique expression; the computer for the people who don't want a beige box as their personal computer. And now, they're behaving like a big-box tech giant we know and hate (no names, Microsoft).

This definitely affects my willingness to upgrade to Leopard - I don't think I'll upgrade until I absolutely have to.


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