Tuesday, November 6


Is anyone else getting really bored with NBC's Heroes? Oh, wait, there were articles in EW, The Los Angeles Times and several other blogs and publications. So what's my specific beef with this tied show? Let's face facts: no one tunes into the show for the acting - the actors, maybe. So why did show creators give the beautiful, but only mildly talented cast so many emotional, drawn-out monologues? And will Nicki ever do a scene where she doesn't cry?

But most of all, I'm losing (quickly) losing interest because this season's plot is starting to mirror last year's... exactly: there's a world-wide threat (save the world), which the cast must go back-and-forth through time to figure out how Claire (the cheerleader) is the salvation of mankind, from a nebulous threat. Sound familiar? It should... it is the plot of last season, only wrapped up in a new shell.

I'll give the show another week or so, and then...

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