Tuesday, November 6


This week, GE's entertainment arm, NBC/Universal launched a campaign to raise environmental awareness called, "Green Is Universal." (You can check out the lackluster site here.) The many networks of NBC/U, including MSNBC, NBC, SciFi and USA are all supposed to do their part to raise awareness of the global crisis.

On some levels, this campaign is working. Simple gestures like broadcasting the networks' logos in green draws attention to their campaign. The actual campaign, once you're focused on it... well, it's sorta lame. The "green" version of coverage on the various networks meets with mixed results as well:

*During the broadcast of Heroes they showed footage of the cast planting trees in NYC, but the cast looked bored (at best) and uninterested (at worst)
*MSNBC and CNBC tried to put green spins on the their stories, with little success; we're all aware of the legislation that congress isn't passing, guys... but thanks for the reminder
*The Today Show planned "global" reports from "all corners of the globe" - OK, I'll overlook the fact that globes don't have corners, and point out that reporting from the north and south poles isn't a global report

Overall, I would applaud their efforts... if they were actually accomplishing anything other than drawing attention away from the polluting GE is responsible for. (For an anti-GE pollution site, click here.) But, in their defense, they're doing more than Fox, ABC (Disney) or any others.

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