Friday, November 16


If you missed this week's premiere of Project Runway, Season Four... first of all, what's wrong with you? Secondly, you missed out on TV's newest, hottest hunk, Jack Mackenroth. This 38 year old New Yorker has the looks, the bod (did you see him in his undies? those abs?), the smile and most of all, the talent. You can watch his first Bravo interview video here. But a simple scan of the net turned up some pretty interesting factoids about this hot hunk...

*he's a competitive swimmer (in the gay games - he was reported to be a late bloomer, and late to athleticism)

*he's allergic to bananas, avocado and latex (although I've heard a number of gay men claim to be allergic to laytex)

*his sister say Jack used to steal her Barbie dolls when they were younger (no shocker in that confession)

*his MySpace profile lists supermodel Janice Dickinson as one of his role models... but he later claims he was only joking when he said that (the rest of the season will determine just how much of a joke that was)

*he loves 80s music and style (no big surprise here, considering his age)

I'm looking forward to the rest of the season... and not just on the off chance they'll show Jack in his chonnies again. I never thought there would be any part of Project Runway I like more than Tim Gunn, but then along cam Jack.

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