Thursday, November 15


Were there no other men left on the planet? (Obviously not, as I'm able to write this.) What is wrong with you, people over at People Magazine? What kind of crack are you on? Matt Damon as the sexiest man alive?

What about Raoul Bova? I know he hasn't made a decent movie since Under The Tuscan Sun, but Matt Damon? I've heard, on E! and several other TV reports, that George Clooney and Brad Pitt were campaigning for Damon to win, since 2001 - this is beginning to feel like a joke, more than an actual honor, or exploration of sexy men.

I haven't seen the entire list, but I'm wondering if model Rusty Joiner, or rapper/MC Common made the cut... oh, just Google them, I don't have the patience to put up images of either of them... I'm too pissed off about skinny, semi-talented, plain as toast Matt Damon winning.

Really? No, really? Was that the best you could come up with? I know the list is supposed to feature a "regular guys" section, where readers nominate their neighbors, brothers, etc., but I think Damon belongs on a list of regular looking (as in average) guys, not on the cover.

This list drops only a few days after Maxim posted their list of the five least sexy women (topped by Sarah Jessica Parker), and I've decided, with Damon's ascent to the People throne, our country has officially lost its collective marbles.

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