Monday, November 5


Here are some messages trapped by my Yahoo! mail spam filter:

How BIG can I get?
That depends... how much money do you have to spend on groceries each month?

I learned what females do on a farm. DO NOT leave them there alone!
I'm not even going to comment on this one, except to say there are some truly sick people out there, and they have my email address.

A FREE Burger King Whopper For You
No thanks, I'm more of a Taco Bell guy.

Cute Gay At Home Shows Tiny Cock Porn
OK, not to pile on the stereotypes or anything, but even if you're more of a buns guy, you're not going to pay to see someone with a small unit.

Purgation by cataclysm he compensates
I don't know what this one means, but it made me giggle.

Nude midgets indulging in midget sex message from Noelle Fitzgerald
I don't know who Noelle Fitzgerald is, but apparently she's into little people.

Is that a boy or a girl? I cannot tell. Can you?
If you can't tell, chances are I'm not going to be much help.

Barbra Patterson won’t forget last night
Which is funny, because I forgot who Barbra Patterson is!

Feel Better Now!
I would, if you would stop sending me junk mail!

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