Thursday, November 8


Could MTV's longtime, groundbreaking reality show The Real World be on its last legs? Sources (via the web) report the producers' contract expires with MTV after the current, Sydney season, and the future of the franchise seems to be up in the air.

But what really grabbed my attention was a promo for next week's episode. It said something like, "Will another housemate be going home?" Going home?, I thought to myself. A second housemate? What is wrong with these people? They're dropping like flies.

Could it be that the trademark partying ways of the casts, year after year, have finally caught up with the concept? Does the damage from the drama (and pseudo-drama) outweigh the joy? I couldn't say for sure... I don't watch the show. But if the promo isn't just a tease, and a second housemate is indeed calling in quits from the Sydney cast, then there is something wrong the equation.

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