Tuesday, November 20


It isn't a secret that I'm unhappy with Apple Computers at the moment... their recent decision to force all Tiger users to upgrade to Safari 3 was a poor business decision, and a PR stumble.

But, since I was forced, I decided to make the best of a bad situation. I went on the Apple's "support" pages, looking for help from other Mac users. While browsing the pages - and by, "browsing," I mean scouring them for 6 or 7 hours - I noticed that certain "users" were in every forum.

I also noticed that they started each posting in the same manner: "Howdy (user name), and welcome to the forums." They never had anything bad to say about Apple, or its products, and they spent a great deal of energy contradicting those who do. They would claim other people were, "the minority," or say that they weren't having the problems everyone else was.

I thought this last bit would marginalize the person with the problem, and rather dismissive of the postings... so, I "accused" a "user" of being an employee of Apple, Inc. And what do you know, that comment was "edited by (the) host."

So it's come to this? Apple is squashing all forms of dissent and disagreement via stealth activity and dictatorship? I've been a Mac user since the 80s (yes, really), and I never thought I would have anything bad to say about Apple, or its products... but, here we are.

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