Tuesday, November 13


The Los Angeles Times' Calendar section reports a major victory for fans of quality TV. Amid the TV wasteland serving up garbage like Hanna Montana and Gray's Anatomy (yes, I said it!), we have great shows like FX Netowrk's Damages. Although not a ratings bonanza, the show had a loyal following, and some of the best critical reviews of the year.

All too often, the TV networks decide the fate of shows based on consumer index guides and ratings. And although Damages had a solid, desirable market in its audience, its fate was in question at the end of the recent, first season.

But things are looking up now, as FX has ordered another season with Glen Close, and the supporting players, and even committed to a third season. Production will be delayed, due to the current writers' strike, but it is good to know that sometimes, the good shows do survive.

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