Monday, July 30


During the most recent Comic Book Convention, also called Comic-Con, hosted in San Diego, we got our first peek at the next Tim Burton - Johnny Depp movie. They are teaming up for a movie version of Sweeey Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - the musical.

After Assassins, this is Stephen Sondheim's most misunderstood, darkest work. (His most disastrous, yet oft performed show is Merrily We Roll Along, which I've seen, own the soundtrack to, have performed excerpts from at a UCLA Showcase.) I'm beyond excited to see how these two do, teaming up for this show.

If you want to see an, uh, interesting version of a number from this show - one starring George Carlin and Ben Affleck - then you'll have to sit through all of Jersey Girl... which I don't recommend doing on a full stomach. Or an empty one.

Either way, the bar for Mr. Depp and Mr. Burton is set... and if you know how rabid (and difficult to please) Sondheim fans are, you know just how high that bar is.

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