Monday, August 20


Have you seen those commercials for AARP's Auto Insurance? The ones showing a bunch of young (mid 20s to 30s) drivers making horrible driving mistakes on the road, and an older, gray-haired driver as the responsible, capable driver. The commercial claims that if you're an, "older, more experienced drivers" you're more likely to be a "good driver."

Hmm... maybe I imagined all those reports of elderly drivers plowing into homes, or worse, crowds of people. Remember that elderly, "experienced" driver in Santa Monica, CA, who drove into a crowded farmer's market killing a bunch of people? It would seem, that the AARP, in their old age, forgot about these tragedies when they made this commercial.

They need to get their sh!t together before they go insulting the rest of us, and our ability to drive.

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