Tuesday, August 28


I guess I should not be surprised that yet another staunch Christian conservative Republican windbag, famed for his "moral" stances against homosexuality, fell from grace this week. Yes, Sen. Larry Craig, from Idaho (the reddest of red states) admitted to pleading guilty to charges stemming from an attempt to engage in same-sex activity in an airport bathroom.

This is a man who, for "moral" and "religious" reasons, voted with several anti-gay measures before the Senate during his illustrious career... a career which includes several other allegations of sexual misconduct of a homosexual nature. (Some of this alleged behavior includes minors, and goes back several decades.) It sickens me that any Senator has a public voting record considered Anti-Gay. (This label was slapped on Craig by MSNBC - a centrist channel.)

This is a man who lead the call for Clinton's impeachment, citing the moral-less road we were being lead down my our then-commander in chief.

After this latest addition to his list of alleged criminal, homosexual behavior, Craig stepped down from his role in Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. But today, he announced he will be attending a rehab clinic in Florida. No, he's not hiding from his misconduct behind the veil of substance abuse (like the last Republican member of congress accused of illegal homosexual activity). He's attending Promises, Promises, to become straight... or at least to "correct subversive and latent" behavior.

I'm no expert in reparative therapy (and, according to all the major psychological organizations, no can be, as it is not an actual scientific discipline), but I think any man who has had gay sex in public restrooms for more than 20 years of his life is officially beyond help... so far beyond help, in fact, I'd have to label him pretty flaming gay. I don't care if he's married, or how many children he has, straight men don't have sex with other men. They don't accept offers of sexually gratifying behavior, and they most certainly don't solicit it from other men, either... especially not in public restrooms, they way Fairy Craig, uh, I mean, Larry Craig did.

This is yet another example of the conservative right needing to get their own house in order before they go legislating or calling for legislation enforcing their moral views. It is also a reminder that the moral majority is neither.

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