Monday, August 27


It should come as no surprise, unless you've been under a rock all day, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez resigned under a cloud of shame and spin. Fox News (yes, I watch it sometimes) went on the immediate defensive declaring Gonzalez had made a "positive mark on America" and "helped us win the war on terror." Really? No, REALLY? We've won the war on terror? Oh, so that's why he's resigning! According to the @ss-wipes at Fox Noise, we've won the war on terror!

And no, I didn't hear them wrong... I waited to hear the "news" reporter dig in deeper, or correct the other reporter, but that moment never came. He just nodded in agreement, and shook his head, as though Alberto resigning was a shame; as though Gonzalez hadn't been given a fair shake. Again, I'll ask: really? No, seriously... was there anything the now former-Attorney General did that didn't result in scandal, congressional hearings and the eventual discussion of impeachment of both himself and the President?

Watching Bush's attempt at speaking today, offering his thoughts and comments on the latest rat to jump ship from the sinking ship that was our highest elected office, all I could think was, wow, this guy isn't just dumb, he may be mildly retarded. He spoke in broken, uneven cadences and couldn't deliver an entire sentence without looking down at his notes. I know what you're thinking: big deal, maybe he's not the best public speaker. But it goes beyond that: he couldn't even remember a simple cliche, describing Gonzalez as having been, "dragged through the, uh... (looks down at notes) ... uh, mud."

Our president is so out of touch with his own reality, so clueless as to the degree of trouble he's brought upon our country, he's unfamiliar with a simple cliche that best describes the way his staff operates. May God bless America, and may we recover from the current regime and their moral-less antics.

(Odd, but true: the plural of Attorney General is Attorneys General.)

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