Tuesday, August 21


A simple glance at your TV program guide for this week (and last week as well) will reveal some interesting things. First, the Disney folks feel like over-doing it with High School Musical 2. And yes, I know it was the most watched show in Disney Channel History, but c'mon... a sing-a-long, only two days after the premiere?

But even more disturbing, is what MTV is up to. They are showing, round the clock, and in between awful "reality" shows like The Hills and The Real World, marathons of America's Next Top Model. Now, don't get me wrong... I love me some Tyra Banks, Mister and Mrs. J, Nigel Barker, and Top-Model nonsense. But round-the-clock marathons? Every day? In lieu of all forms of programming?

Now, I know the premiere of the new season is coming up, and marathons are often a good way to build excitement for a new season of a show. (I think the folks over at Sci Fi could take a hint, and get on the ball with a Battlestar Galactica marathon or three, leading into their new season.) But MTV is supposed to be the home for all things music. I've forgiven the "reality" shows they've started, with the understanding that these shows are supposed to be a breeding ground for new music... in other words, if you watch these shows, you should hear new music during the course of the run. But this? This is ridiculous. What's the 'M' in MTV for now? Model?

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