Thursday, August 23


MTV recently launched the 19th Season of the "mother of all reality shows" in Sydney, Australia recently. While the show certainly managed to break down stereo types, and cultural borders in its first few years, but in recent years... well, let's just say it would serves as an ideal advertisement for local AA chapters, or rehab clinics.

The drinking, alcohol-induced racist and homophobic rants and wild, unchecked sexual partnering on season 18 was an embarrassment to humans everywhere. If this was a sample of life in the real world, the real world is populated by morons, idiots and emotionally unbalanced people.

This recent criticism aside, one of the most common complaints about the Real World franchise is the number of model-quality gorgeous participants cast in each house - several casts looked like A&F catalogs come to life, which caused critics to cry foul. Many were upset by the idea that thousands of young people watching this show a) felt the need to live up to this beauty standard, and b) would think that if they didn't see images like their own on TV, they don't matter. (Some casts, like this year's, don't feature a gay or lesbian member, prompting further protests. Do gays and lesbians not inhabit the "real world?")

But, to my surprise, this current crop of Real World-ers breaks the mold: they are ugly. Almost borderline fugly, some would say. Don't get me wrong - after viewing the first episode, one has the distinct impression these kids are just as alcoholic and sexually immature as their predecessors... only markedly less attractive. The Real World, indeed.

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bomitoni said...

I wouldn't say they're all ugly. Parisa and Kelly Anne are both gorgeous. And I have the biggest crush on Cohutta. I just love that name.