Tuesday, August 21


Not like I was going to watch them anyway, but today, I'm calling for a viewer boycott of this year's Emmy telecast. Why?, you ask? Because the ubiquitous, yet talentless man once described as, "bland ambition," Ryan Seacrest has been selected as the host of this year's telecast.

In announcing their decision, the Emmy producers said Seacrest, "appeals to a broad audience, including the highly desirable young adult demographic." Really? No, but... really? What imaginary "broad audience" is it that Ryan Seacrest appeals to? Just because a large (but declining) audience happens to tune into a show this goof ball hosts doesn't mean he personally draws a big audience. Was there no stand-up comedian out there the Emmy folks felt like giving a break to? I mean, look what happened to Elen Degeneres' career when she hosted the Academy awards! Is there no other person out there as worthy (or even more worthy) than the bland as dry toast Seacrest?

And to make matters worse, Seacrest was recently given the green light to make a show about another talentless individual, Kim Cardashian... who ever the hell that is! When will the reign of bland end?

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