Monday, August 20

TV REPORT (Finale, Pt. 1)

Well, the summer season of TV is coming to an end, so it's time to give my wrap-up report.

So You Think You Can Dance - well, I was pretty bummed when they bumped Pasha from the show, but I was happy with the outcome, so I guess it washes out in the end. Interesting side-note: the show wowed critics, but failed to deliver the big ratings of previous seasons.

Shows That Bombed - We saw the usual carnage this summer, with early casualties like Creature Comforts, Paula Abdul: Straight Up and Victoria Beckham: Coming To America. I thought NBC should have given Posh & Becks more of a chance, but that's just me.

Shows That Just Plain Stink - Bravo managed to pull out a whole bunch of stinkers, including Flipping Out, Welcome to the Parker and previously mentioned Paula Abdul disaster. Another NBC Universal flop in the making is Sci Fi Channel's Flash Gordon. The script(s) and acting both need major overhauls. And yet another NBC Universal property stinking things up is USA Network's Burn Notice. And even though it delivered major ratings, and some Emmy nods, The Starter Wife was pretty stinky, too.

Other disappointments - ABC canceled Traveler without the usual notice or ceremony surrounding a cancellation. Episodes appeared online for a while, but were also yakned rather quickly. Fan and critic favorite Rescue Me has really started to stink as of late, focusing on preachy, AA sort of religious junk instead of developing plot or characters.

A Mixed Bag - Bravo's Top Chef still may be able to rescue itself from collapsing into a tired, predictable show... maybe. Sci Fi's Who Wants To Be A Super Hero is lame (again), but at least this year, it is playing up the camp-factor. USA's The 4400 is becoming barely watchable, but I'm hanging in there.

Stay tuned for Part Two of my TV report for the shows that rocked this summer.

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