Thursday, August 23


A report surfaced today naming the single largest employer illegal immigrants: the United States Government.

Yes, good ol' Uncle Sam, while holding sessions in Congress, and with the President giving speeches about the need to reform immigration in the US... employs over half a million known immigrants not cleared to work under current law. A large number of them hold non-work clearance from the Social Security administration. That is to say, the US Government knows these people are here (illegally), has issued them ID numbers and determined that as non-citizens they may not work... and then hires them to work.

Some of these people (an alarming percentage) even have US Government-issued warrants seeking deportation. It seems that no one bothered to a) check any of the over 500,000 employees against the deportation list, b) bothered to check any other employees against the list of immigrants not cleared to work or run any other type of background checks... for government jobs.

If our country could speak, in a single voice, it would probably say something like, "Where are we going, and why are we in this hand basket?"

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