Friday, May 18


E! recently did a behind the scenes look at the TV show Who's The Boss? Although they didnt say who the boss was, the gave some inside information on Alyssa Milano, and her post-Danza career. (I didn't watch the whole thing, so put the nerd alert on hold.)

She did some minor work (TV movies, soft-core stuff, and some work in Japan) before getting a call from the late Aaron Spelling... he wanted her to guest on Melrose Place, where she labored for a season and a half. He later cast her on a show that would run for 7 seasons, and ended up with her as a producer. (That show is the WB's Charmed -- while not an amazing show, it is enjoyable to watch. Bad dialogue and cheezy special effects aside, it makes for fun, light viewing.)

What's most interesting is that Alyssa was not Spelling's first choice for the role of Phoebe Halliwell. She was asked to join after another actress dropped out of the pilot.

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