Saturday, May 26


Today's LA Times reports that both Carl's Jr. and Hardee's are suing Jack In the Box over their newest TV ad campaign. (For more information, and to watch the ad, click here.) According to the paper, the two chains are upset because the JITB (Jack In the Box) ad implies that the Angus burgers they sell are made from cow anus, playing on the way the words sound alike.

I watched the ad, and I thought (like most, if not all of the ads from JITB) the ad was pretty funny. And if I had to pick a side in this legal fight, I'd have to side with JITB. In many similar legal cases in the past, the judges told the parties involved to get a sense of humor... which I think would be great advice in this case as well. And, I don't really see what the big deal with Angus beef is supposed to be, any way.

Long live Jack In the Box!

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