Monday, May 21


I went to get my hair did yesterday, at my normal WeHo hair spot, and while I was waiting, I noticed something. All the gay guys waiting for cuts were skinny. And I don't just mean skinny, I mean Nicole Richie skinny. I mean scary skinny.

After my fabulous cut (thanks, Ryane), I cruised uh, I mean.... I drove over to the 7-11 by my old Hollywood flat, to grab a Slurpee. Along the way, I noticed even more skinny gay men: bones poking out from beneath (mostly) pale skin — skin that was draped around the body, like a starving man.

What gives? I thought. Not everyone can be on meth. I mean, too many of these guys seem... well, functional. I thought about it some more, and then I did a little online research. It seems as though the trend for men (not just gay men) leans towards ultra skinny bodies. I chose the image for this post as an example of a typical image I found in the gay rags (free magazines) I picked up in West Hollywood and Hollywood. Yes, he's muscular, but he's not a healthy kind of muscular. He's a scary kind of skinny.

When did it become cool to look like this? I remember when having a healthy body was cool... when having curves and mass on your body was considered sexy. Am I that old?

Uh, don't answer that.

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chad said...

Skinny is not cute. I don't touch skinny guys. I like normal guys and big guys. But then, I am total beefcake myself. Having muscles makes it easier to swat away their scrawny hands. ugh

More potatoes, please.