Thursday, May 17


I recently blogged about George Lopez's race-baiting exit from TV, and much to my surprise... well, I wasn't really surprised. Lopez contends his show was canceled because of race. First of all, Mexican is an ethnicity, not a race.

Secondly, if it was about race, his show deserved to be canceled. Why? Because there are better minority representations to be presented... like Jimmy Smits' new show (this fall) on CBS. He plays a business owner dealing with the ups and downs of family vs business.

Prior to that, he portrayed the first Latino President on network TV. And before that, he played a US Congressman, Police Detective and high-profile lawyer. And that lawyer role appeared on TV when Latinos were nowhere else on the TV landscape.

He played these roles with dignity. With grace, style and pride. We need more actors like him, and fewer selfish, whiny Mexican'ts like George Lopez.

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