Saturday, May 26


I don't like your girlfriend! I think thatcha need a new one... more lyrics from more music for the month of May. Here are a couple more songs that I didn't put on the previous list, but I still highly recommend:

Girlfriend [Album Version] Avril Lavigne — pop/punk rock, a la Toni Basil... but more fun

Can You Read My Mind [Album Version/Gabriel & Dresden Remix] The Killers — who would have thought these guys would be able to deliver yet another golden pop song?

Like A Boy [Album Version] Ciara — I wasn't all that impressed with her sophomore effort (it came a little too close on the heels of an amazing debut), but this song more than made me a die-hard Ciara fan; this song (and especially the video) hint at her enormous staying power

Hey You [Bonus Track] Madonna — this track is only available as a free download from MSN's Live Earth site, and only for a limited time, which is why I'm adding it to the must-have list; while it isn't Madonna's best tune, it shows a level of pop maturity (if there is such a thing) she's never shown before, while remaining an nice tune

The Remix EP [iTunes Download Only] P!nk — the number one question I get, in regards to my music collection, is where I get my music from; most of my music is from rare-or-promo vinyl, or DJ-only promos, but every so often, you can get the same music from iTunes that I spend weeks tracking down; while not an amazing EP, this group of remixes is worth checking out

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