Wednesday, May 16


Mi gente. Mi raza. I'm so ashamed right now. Not because of the immigration situation. And not because of any crime, piece of legislation or international incident. No, I'm ashamed of my ethnic roots because of a TV show.

Tuesday's LA Times announced the cancellation of ABC's The George Lopez Show. But the article was mostly about how upset George Lopez was. He's claiming this is about race/ethnicity -- but I'll be the first beaner to say that it is't.

George Lopez's show was awful. And I mean sit-up-and-slap-yo-mama bad. It was poorly written and barely acted. The show was unimaginative, lacked any sort of intelligence and lacked a single original thought. We don’t need another crappy show on TV no matter how much it “contributes” to the landscape diversity.

The fact that Lopez played the race-card tells you just how desperate and unimaginative he truly is.

Gracias, adios, George Lopez Show!

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