Tuesday, May 22


Whatchu know 'bout me, whatcu whatchu know 'bout me? Lyrics from one of my fave new tunes, Lip Gloss by Lil Mama. (This image is from her video.) Here are some other tunes (all, or most are available from iTunes) I think ya'll might like:

The Creeps [Album Version/Freddy Le Grande Mix] Camille Jones — one of the best grooves in a while

Rehab and Back To Black [Album Versions] Amy Winehouse — new school soul from a dirty diva

Relax and Grace Kelly [Album Versions] Mika — a great blend of Freddy Mercury, Moby and nu wave dance

Where You End [Tiga's I Just Need To Be Sampled Mix] Moby — hot grooves, breaks and vocals

With Love [Album Version] Hilary Duff — I'm ashamed to admit it, but I love this little ditty

Box of Sunshine [Album Version] Infidel— dirty pop (the real kind, not the NSYNC kind)

Find A New Way [Dance Life Remix] Young Life — This version is pretty hard to find, unless you've got a copy of the soundtrack to MTV's "Dance Life"

Makes Me Wonder [Album Version] Maroon 5 — Even though they sucked on American Idol last week, I still dig this song

Candyman [Album Version] Christina Aguilera — The diva is back, hotter than ever

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