Sunday, May 13


If you watch TV, or just surf the web (especially on a pop-up friendly Windows PC), I'm sure you know about Vonage. If not, here's the short version: Vonage is a company that offers VOIP (voice over internet protocol) services, which means you can use your internet connection to make phone calls, instead of stinky-ol' land-lines.
The advantage? You'll save money, blah, blah... and they make a big deal, in the ads about the clarity and quality of the services they offer.

What they don't mention is one tiny glitch: 911 services. The fine-print in the ads simply states: "Vonage 911 does not operate like normal 911," and, "e911 not available in all areas." I won't insult anyone's intelligence by blathering on about the problems this presents. I just wonder how many people either don’t realize what they’re compromising, and if they do, is it worth the savings?

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