Saturday, May 19


I've sounded off on the whole Isiah Washington fag incident in the past, but after the NAACP gave him an award, I stopped watching Gay's Anatomy all together. Back when I did watch the show, Izzie (Katherine Heigel) was one of my faves. But now, I really love her.

According the E! news, Heigel is the only cast member of Gay's Anatomy speaking out about the incident, and its fallout. Despite the show creator's strict "no-comment" policy (African Americans in entertainment have to stick together, look out for each other, you know?), Heigel gave an interview to Allure magazine that was critical of Isiah Washington and his behavior at the Golden Globes. (He said the f-word, again, but this time on live, national TV.) Heigel said it "ruined" the night, which by all means, should have been a night of celebration. She said she went, "pale with fury" when she heard him use the f-word.

I have no idea what it means to go pale with fury, but I love that she felt outrage, and love that she felt the need to express. Heigel further expressed that she felt that Washington was, "paying a huge price" for his actions. And I agree. Earlier this spring, Washington announced he would not be submitting his name for Emmy consideration, as he has not curried good favor with the voters. (Read: he knows he pissed off the queens.)

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