Monday, May 7


As much as I'm enjoying the return of Heroes, Run's House and new shows like Search For the Next Pussycat Doll, I thought I'd take a moment out to discuss a lesser-known show my sister introduced me to Lifetime's Blood Ties.

Now, I'm not recommending this show. It isn't really all that great... unless you watch it with someone else, like I do. My little sister and I watch a great deal of TV together — sometimes liquored-up, other times, not — and Blood Ties is one of those shows where the bad writing/good looking cast combos is more fun with a partner-in-crime willing to make fun of the show. I won't waste time repeating the jokes (the set-ups would take too long), but instead, I'll just leave you with the premise:

A former detective (off the police force because she's losing her night-vision, or something), opens a supernatural crime-solving business with her vampire boyfriend.

Uh, OK. There's just enough bad acting/man-candy to keep it intereting.

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