Tuesday, May 29


My last post (about the lawsuit over Angus burgers) has been well-received in the blogosphere... OK, not really, but when I was looking for art for the post, I couldn't find any. So I went to a site where the Jack In the Box (JITB) was posted, and took a screen shot. [Aside to Julie, and other new Mac users: a screen shot, or picture of your screen can be taken by pressing the Apple, shift and #3 keys all at once.]

While I feel like the art I provided for my JITB post was perfect, I did some more image searching (via Google, my personal favorite) I found several, uh interesting variations on an Angus theme.

I didn't have a whole lot to say today, so I thought I'd just share one of the finds.

Uh, OK. That's it... have a good Tuesday.

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