Wednesday, May 9


OK, so I've been going to a new gym these past couple of weeks on a guest pass. The pass is about to expire, so the club is calling, asking me if I want to join.

Now, I'll be honest: I don't really care about lifting weights right now. I'm more into SPIN than anything else, and dumbells are the same, no matter where you go... so a gym's SPIN program is usually the make-or-break factor. Usually.

I'm not going to put this gym on blast, but I will say that despite a decent SPIN program, I will not joining any time soon. I'll simply say that if your locker room smells like feet and old Doritos, you should be paying people to put up with it, not the other way around.

[Aside to Julie: Don't be scared, just go take a SPIN class already.]

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