Wednesday, May 30


I'm not one to fall for clever adverts, slick print campaigns or flashy TV ads — I'm able to think for myself, thanks. But the only thing more upsetting (or offensive) than an over-produced advertisement is a really lame one. And I'm talkin' about lame.

Like TNT advertising their show, The Closer as,"the number one cable series of all time." C'mon... of all time? Are we including premium cable, like HBO? Because, if we are, then nothing beats the Sopranos. And if its just referring to basic cable, then what about Battlestar Galactica? Or cooking shows like Emeril? And to make the matter more insulting, they don't reference the claim. Most ads have small print, qualifying their outlandish claims or unbelievable offers.

Most ads on TV, for TV programs, aren't expected to qualify their ridiculous claims. But the most retarded ad I've seen in a while goes to USA Network's The Starter Wife. They're billing it as, "the TV event of the summer," which we all know is a load of crap; a steaming pile of dookie. One look at the ads, and we know it's just Deborah Messing, doing her lame impression of Lucille Ball, which she passed-off as acting for several years on Will & Grace. She's a one-trick pony that needs to be put down.

Don't get me wrong, I met her a number of years ago (at the gym), and she's a sweetheart. I'm just saying... the TV event of the summer? In that case, it's going to be a long, summer.

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